Thursday 2 January

Today is Thursday the 2 January, in the season of Christmas.

O spring in the desert, O shelter from the heat, O light in the darkness, O guide for the feet, O joy for our sadness, O support for the weak, O Lord with us always, your presence we seek.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Just one question to think about today, a question asked in this passage: “Who are you?” Imagine that you have been asked that question; what words would you find to answer?  “Who are you?”

John the Baptist calls himself ‘A voice crying out in the wilderness’.  Crying in the wilderness might be a comment on the geographical terrain, but he might also be saying something about crying out to those who weren’t listening. 

As you hear the reading again, you might ask yourself in what ways you feel like John the Baptist?  Are there places in your life where you feel like a ‘voice crying out in the wilderness’?

Knowing that Jesus is present here, now, speak with him, or perhaps with John the Baptist.  Share with him your answer to the question “Who are you?”   And if there is some kind of wilderness in your life that you need strength to face, ask for God’s help.