Tuesday 31 December

Today is Tuesday the 31 December, in the season of Christmas.

I am not alone as I sit here, trying to pray.   Christ is present with me.   Christ is here at my side, waiting for me, ready to enter into my life, waiting for my invitation.  So, as I prepare to end this year and look ahead to the next, let me begin my prayer by acknowledging his presence, and inviting him in.    

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

John starts his gospel with the same phrase that the writer of the book of Genesis used at the beginning of the whole Bible: “In the beginning ...” With the birth of Jesus, God makes a new beginning in his dealings with men and women. On this New Year’s Eve, what new start might you be hoping for?

“The Word became flesh and lived among us.” Our God is now, forever and always, Emmanuel, God with us. Is there a time you can recall when you felt that closeness of God? If so, take a moment to re-live that experience.

As you listen again, notice especially how John uses the ideas of light and of darkness.

Speak for a moment now to the one who gives you the power to become a child of God.