The Holy Innocents and the Holy Family

This weekend is Saturday the 28 December, the feast of the Holy Innocents, and Sunday the 29 December, the Feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Audrey Assad with the Porter’s Gate, sings ‘Every Mother Every Father’.

This weekend’s reading is from the Book of Ecclesiasticus.

Take a few moments now to contemplate this family, the holy family we celebrate today. The Mother Mary, the Father Joseph and their new born baby Jesus...

Now take some time to think of your own family as big or small as it might be, as close or distant as it might be, it is yours.

How do you think of your family? Do you focus on the things that could be better? Or do you focus on a particular person? Or something else?

What feelings does this word “honour” stir up in you?

As you hear the reading again hold the images of the Holy Family and you family in your mind.

As today’s prayer time comes to an end, bring all your thoughts and feelings before the Lord.