Wednesday 27 November

Today is Wednesday, the 27 November, in the Thirty Fourth Week of Ordinary Time.  

In God alone is my soul at rest. He alone is my rock, my strength. There are probably things on my mind as I try to pray, right now.  Things bothering me, worrying me, things I’ve got to do. Those hassles and concerns may be important.  But for these few minutes, can I just put them on one side, and find a moment of peace for my soul?  A moment of rest with my God, my rock, my strength?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

These words of Jesus are daunting, but perhaps you know them to be true? Can you think of people, famous or ordinary, who have been put in prison, tortured, or even killed just for doing what they knew to be right?  For following their Christian beliefs?

Have you ever been ‘got at’ for being a disciple of Jesus?  Do you find the words come, to answer your opponents? 

As for, ‘Not a hair of your head will perish’ what does Jesus mean by that?  Do these words reassure you?

‘You will be given the words,’ says Jesus.  Can you find comfort in these words? Listen to the passage again and notice which words stay with you as you listen.

Pray now in your own words to be faithful to what you know to be true, no matter what.