Monday 25 November

Today is Monday the 25 November, in the Thirty Fourth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing: O all you works of the Lord, O bless the Lord, To him be highest glory and praise for ever.  Wherever it is I am right now, what works of the Lord can I see?  Perhaps the sky, the clouds?  Perhaps hills or fields, or a horse or a dog, or a tree?  Perhaps it’s just the inside of a bus that I can see?  Perhaps another human being.  Can I imagine all these things, the works of the Lord, praising God, their creator, now?  And can I do the same myself?

Today’s reading is from the Book of Daniel.

Today’s reading may sound like a fairytale, but is in fact a parable which, like the more familiar parables Jesus told, is full of various meanings.  What different meanings did you hear?

Perhaps one similarity would be to see the inhospitable furnace, as the hostile consumerist culture that surrounds us.  Somehow the grace of God still carries on in our lives.  How do you connect with God in this busy world?  Do you connect with Him enough?

Azariah and the other two young Jews begin to sing their beautiful song of praise. Who are our ancestors?  Abraham is one of them.  What, for you, is God’s holy name?  Where is God’s temple? 

As you listen again, picture yourself as Azariah How would it have felt to be rescued in this way?

This story could perhaps be a way of understanding the coming of God’s Kingdom, which we’re starting to think about as we approach Advent.  God’s kingdom is coming as we learn his kindly ways.  In these last few moments of prayer, spend some time praising and honouring God. Can you try and take that sense of praise with you into the world today?