The feast of St Cecilia

Today is Friday, the 22 November, the Memorial of St Cecilia, in the Thirty Third Week of Ordinary Time.

The nuns of Mary, Queen of Apostles, sing the words St Cecilia wrote to her husband:  There is a secret, Valerian, that I want to tell you: The God Whom I love has given me an angel who zealously guards me.  

Today’s reading is from the First Book of Maccabees.

The Temple was dedicated “with songs and harps and lutes and symbols”. Today is the feast of St Cecilia, patron saint of music. Music has for centuries helped people draw close to God, as it does each day in Pray-As-You-Go. Take a moment to recall a piece of music that speaks to you of God’s presence.

The people were overjoyed at the restoration of the Temple. As a building it, too, spoke to them of God’s presence among them. Now picture, in your mind’s eye, a building where you have been able to experience God close to you.

God can use music and architecture to help get his message across to us. What else does God use to help you yourself come to know God’s loving care for you more fully?

As you listen again to the reading, try a get a feel for the joy of the people on this solemn occasion.

Take the final few moments of this prayer to speak to God in your own words of the work of musicians, architects, and other artists whose work inspires you.