Thursday 21 November

Today is Thursday, the 21 November, in the Thirty Third Week of Ordinary Time.

One Hope Project sing, ‘Where the Lord Dwells’.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Today’s reading follows on almost directly from yesterday’s story of Jesus’ journey up to Jerusalem. He made his way to the Temple pretty quickly. And then he behaved in a most unexpected fashion; he must have caused quite a stir. People would have been startled; some might have shared his anger at what he found there, not the “house of prayer” that it should have been. Where might your own sympathies have lain? If you had been there, how do you imagine that you might have responded?

Ponder, for a few moments, anything similar in your own living. What are the temples in your own life that are desecrated by sin, injustice, selfishness, lack of respect? Have you felt like Jesus did in this story?

What about Jesus, showing signs of being upset, frustrated, even angry? Have you ever thought that Jesus could be angry like that? Listen again to this surprising incident in the Gospel story. It’s enough to get some people plotting against him, but he shows no fear.

Is there anything about today’s reading that  still puzzles you? Anything about Jesus’ behaviour you don’t understand? Talk to him about this and ask him what is going on deep within his own heart, when he sees what he saw in the temple. Then talk to him about anything similar in your own heart.