Wednesday 20 November

Today is Wednesday, the 20 November, in the Thirty Third Week of Ordinary Time.

The Kyiv Chamber Choir sing In Thy Kingdom from One Thousand Years Of Ukrainian Sacred Music. Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke Jesus was getting near to Jerusalem when he told this story. It was near the end of a long journey he has undertaken, probably many months long, all of it on foot. Try to imagine what it might have been like to walk along the road with him, that dry dusty road in the heat of the day, surrounded by quite a few followers now, and many people running out from the village houses to see him. He tells this story in your hearing. Is it what you expected to hear him say? How do you respond?

This story comes near to the events of Holy Week.  Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem. There might be feelings emerging that you haven’t noticed before, after listening to a gospel story about Jesus. Pay attention to those as you hear him telling this story … how might you describe what you notice as you listen to him? How might the others around him be reacting? How do they look? Pleased to hear this teaching … or disturbed by it?

As you listen again to the story, try to imagine that he is walking towards you and that you can walk alongside him for a few moments.

Now that you have heard the reading again, and Jesus has finished his telling of the story, imagine yourself walking beside him. What would you ask him? Does he turn to look at you as he answers? What does he say? What would you love him to say, at this moment? In these final moments of prayer, say what you need to say to Jesus, and let him respond to you … notice what goes on in your heart as he does so.