Monday 18 November

Today is Monday, the 18 November, in the Thirty Third Week of Ordinary Time.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing: ‘We Nhliziyo yami’: ‘O my heart be wise when your enemies surround you.  Keep praying; ask the Lord for help.  For he is powerful.  That is your weapon; do not lose it.  Pray without ceasing, for the Lord is powerful.’

Today’s reading is from Psalm 118 of the Grail version, and can be found as Psalm 119 in other versions of the Bible.

“Hot indignation seizes me”, says the psalmist. Were these words stronger than you expected to hear? Strong words evoked because of what do you think ?  The psalmist seems to feel trapped by the wickedness of others; they desire to be redeemed from human oppression. The psalmist continues, “I look on the faithless in disgust”. Again, does this strong language take you by surprise? Or, if not surprise, what does it evoke in you?

If you could imagine yourself meeting the person who wrote these lines, what might you like to say to him or her?

Does “hot indignation” ever seize you? Any time recently? Or was it a longer time ago? Was it caused by a particular person or situation? Can you draw into your prayer such people or situations … those who caused you indignation … could you even find the strength, not to condemn them but to pray for them? Could you ask God to heal them too?

As you listen again to the reading, see what emotions stir up in you as you hear these words.

Maybe there is something in your living right now, today, that you feel strongly about. Talk to the Lord about it, from your heart. Ask God to hear your emotions in what you say, and ask God to help you to express these things…