Tuesday 12 November

Today is Tuesday the 12 November, in the Thirty Second Week of Ordinary Time.

Nóirín Ní Riain, with the monks of Glenstal Abbey, sings, in Irish, “Jesus is the Just One who reclaimed our souls.  It was he who bought us out of slavery”. As I begin to pray today, I acknowledge that I am in his presence now, the Just One, the Holy One, the one who leads me from slavery to freedom.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Wisdom.

Today’s reading is a comforting one, reminding us of the hope which Christians have when faced with the death of a loved one – ‘the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God.’ In God’s hand nothing can harm our loved ones; they are safe and at rest.  Think of the people around you. Is there anyone grieving at the moment who is not a person of faith and who is finding the death of their loved one painful? Can you hold them in this time of prayer today?

Notice the promises that are made in the reading.  How do they strike you?  Do they feel too good to be true? Or do you find comfort in them? 

All of us have the ability to communicate the hopes of today’s reading to others.  Not always in big ways, but in small gestures we can be an instrument of God in the world. How could you communicate these hopes to others?

The promises in Scripture can give us hope and comfort, but for some people, these promises do not provide that hope.  As you hear the reading again, try to hold in prayer  those who live a life of despair, a life without much hope.

Many people – Christian and non-Christian –face persecution because of their beliefs.  Spend the last few moments of this prayer time praying for these people – asking God to support and be with them.