Wednesday 6 November

Today is Wednesday, the 6 November, in the Thirty First Week of Ordinary Time.

Madison Cunningham of The Porter’s Gate, sings ‘Little Things With Great Love’. As you listen, take a moment to pause and listen to God’s voice…

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

How on earth can we reconcile ‘hating’ our Father, Mother, Wife and children with our God of Love? The answer, of course is that that is not what Jesus intends us to do. Instead he is reminding us that our primary – not our sole – duty is towards God. The things of the world, although important, should never take precedence over God. Think about your own life. Have you allowed anything to take precedence over God? Are there aspects of your life that need to be brought into line? Ask God for help to deal with them now.

‘… None of you can become my disciples if you do not give up all your possessions…’ Again, Jesus is not saying that possessions are bad in themselves; instead, he warns us against the danger of being possessed by our possessions! Am I inclined to allow myself to be beguiled by physical possessions? Do I believe that I will find happiness if I own x. or y? If that's you, ask God to help you see more clearly.

Jesus tells us that we must love God even before life itself.  But we shouldn’t hate life: it’s good when we can rejoice in the good things life gives us, and we should see these as blessings from God rather than things we are entitled to. As you listen again, really focus on what Jesus is trying to tell us in this passage.

Our passage today asks us if we are ready to take on the burden of discipleship. Only you can answer that question.  Spend these last few minutes praying about your response to this.