Tuesday 29 October

Today is Tuesday, the 29 October, in the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time.

The Community of Taizé sing “the Kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Come, Lord, and open in us the gates of your kingdom.”

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Many of the illustrations Jesus uses to describe the kingdom of heaven in Luke’s Gospel invite us to meditate and ponder on them in order that we find the truth concealed within them. In this example, Jesus compares the Kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed – something tiny and yet filled with great potential.  Why do you think Jesus uses this as an illustration?

As Christians we believe that the Kingdom of God has already been established by Jesus; it is both something that is and something that will be.

Think of your own life; are there instances in which the Kingdom of light, truth and justice is already present? Think of all those men and women working today; for the Kingdom. As you listen again, can you pray for them and commit yourself to doing whatever God asks you to help him.

Although we believe that Jesus has already established the Kingdom we have to accept that our co-operation is also required. As St Theresa of Avila reminds us, we are now God’s hands. Are there ways in which you can help that Kingdom of Justice and Truth to emerge?