Tuesday 22 October

Today is Tuesday the 22 October, in the 29th week of Ordinary Time.

  Salt of the Sound sing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus… and the things of the earth will fall strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”  

Today’s reading is from St Paul’s Letter to the Romans, using the Nick King translation.  

In this part of the letter to the Romans, which is not very easy to follow, Paul is trying to explain to the Roman Christians what God has done in Christ. Basically, it comes to this, that God does not leave us in the mess that we have made for ourselves. What kind of a mess do you think we have “made for ourselves” in the world of today?  

What signs do you see that God is working to put it right?  

Now listen again to the reading; you will notice that “Jesus Christ” is mentioned three times. Why is Paul so insistent on keeping our focus on Jesus, do you think?  

Finally, see if you can sum up what is in your heart by making a prayer to God. What do you feel like saying to God now?