This weekend is Saturday the 12 and Sunday the 13 October, beginning the 28th week of Ordinary Time.

Karen Money sings Echo: Let me stay a little longer, so I breathe in more of You.  As I listen, I focus for a moment on my breathing, on the breath that is within me, the life that is within me, the breath – the life – that God has given me.

This weekend’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Imagine this scene.  Lepers, outcasts, forever kept apart from family, friends and community.  Imagine their loneliness and desperation.  Maybe you can imagine yourself as one of them.  Here comes Jesus, the man with healing powers.  Perhaps the miracle will happen, and you’ll be free once more, restored to the life and love you long for.  What does it feel like to be outcast?  Perhaps at times in your own life you’ve felt sick, damaged, isolated and desperate for help.  Can you get in touch with any feelings you have right now of being in need of healing?

Jesus recognises the lepers’ need and acts accordingly.  Imagine looking at your hands, at the rest of your body, and realising that you’re whole and healthy again.  What might lead you to praise God and thank your healer?  What might lead you not to?  Imagine this scene from Jesus’ perspective.  How does he feel when the Samaritan returns to thank him?  How does he feel when the nine others disappear without doing so? 

What difference does it make if we praise and thank God for graces received?  Jesus tells the Samaritan that it’s his faith and not Jesus’ own power that has made him well.  Imagine him saying this to you.  How do you respond? 

Is there something you want to say to Jesus in return?  Whatever your feelings, allow them to emerge and speak to Jesus about them.  Perhaps you feel prompted to ask for a particular grace for yourself or someone else?