Thursday 10 October

Today is Thursday the 10 October in the 27th week of Ordinary Time.

The choir of Holy Sepulchre London sing, 'God be in my Head.'

Today’s reading is from the book of Malachi.

It isn’t always easy to love and serve God.  Being a person of faith doesn’t provide us with easy answers to life’s difficult questions – it may even make them still harder to struggle with.  But there’s comfort and encouragement in this passage too: God takes note and listens, God remembers us as his special possession.  We belong to God.

How do you feel when you hear these words?  Perhaps you have harsh questions to ask God, or reproaches to make.  There are many troubling issues in our world.  It’s alright to speak tough to God – all the greatest prophets did this!  Being honest with God about our negative feelings and our struggles can help to process and make sense of them.  Is there something challenging you want to say to God?  Or does that feel too difficult – do you feel you need to be polite when talking to God?

Perhaps you need to make space for God to answer.  Perhaps there are words of consolation and reassurance that God wants to offer you.  Listen to the reading again and see what arises in your mind and heart. 

Speaking to God ‘as one friend to another’ doesn’t mean engaging in polite conversation.  It means being real with one another.  What happens when you try this?