Tuesday 8 October

Today is Tuesday the 8 October, in the 27th week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of Pluscarden Abbey sing Domine praevenisti eum.  ‘Lord, you advanced to meet him with rich blessings. You have placed a crown of precious stones on his head.’ As I listen, can I ponder for a moment the rich blessings the Lord bestows on me, how God, in fact, honours me… can I begin to realise how precious I am in God’s eyes?  

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Jonah.    

Sometimes publicity advertisements use shock tactics to make people take notice of what’s on sale.  Jonah isn’t selling anything, but he knows how to get his message across and stop people dead in their tracks.  Have you ever experienced something, maybe something you’ve seen or heard, something that’s grabbed your attention and made you stop, think and change your behaviour?  What was it?  Why did it strike you so hard?  

The conversion of Nineveh is a dramatic story.  For some people conversion creeps up on them slowly rather than coming all at once.  Habits are hard to change, but we’re all capable of stepping out of a rut and transforming a damaging way of life if we become convinced that it’s in our best interest.  Is there something in your life that you long to change?  Perhaps an area in which you know you need to grow or let go and become free?  

As you listen to the story of Nineveh’s conversion again is there a part of the reading that touches you specially? Perhaps it’s telling you about a habit that you want to change or one you want to develop. We can’t always pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but God’s powerful grace is ours for the asking.  

Allow yourself to talk to God about what you desire at this moment, speaking from the heart.