St Teresa of the Child Jesus

Today is Tuesday the 1 October, the feast of St Teresa of the Child Jesus, in the 26th week of Ordinary Time.  

The Corydon Singers, conducted by Matthew Best, sing In Paradisum from Fauré’s Requiem.  ‘May the angels lead you to paradise, and at your coming may the martyrs receive you and bring you to the holy city of Jerusalem.’  

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Zechariah.    

The prophet Zechariah’s vision now passes beyond Israel to the conversion of the pagan nations. The consequences of the Lord’s dwelling in the Jerusalem temple are far reaching: individuals and nations will turn to the God of Israel and stream to Jerusalem. The people of cities and nations set out for Jerusalem, saying “Come, let us go.” The purpose of their pilgrimage is to entreat the Lord’s favour. Imagine you are among this great crowd of people setting out for a common destination, being joined by many others as you journey on. What is the atmosphere like? What is the conversation about?  

All of these people, from different places and different backgrounds, are journeying together. They are leaving the familiar and seeking the Lord. They are travelling with others in order to entreat the favour of the Lord. Who are your companions on your journey of faith? In your experience, who has helped you to come to a closer relationship with the Lord?  

Enter into the reading again.    

The reading ends with the assertion that “God is with you” which is the result of the temple having been rebuilt. Can you think of anyone in your life of whom you could say “God is with you”? In what ways are you a mediator of God’s presence for others? Is there a favour you would like to entreat the Lord for today? Speak to the Lord who is with you.