The Weekend is Saturday the 28 and Sunday the 29 September, beginning the 26th week of Ordinary Time.  

The community of Taizé sing Gott ist nur Liebe. ‘God is nothing but love.  Dare to give all for love.  Give yourselves without fear.’  

The scripture that we have prayed with this week has dealt with the rebuilding of the Temple, and of Jerusalem, after the people of Israel returned from exile in Babylon. In the first part of the week the scribe Ezra described the people’s enthusiasm for this task. Later on the prophet Haggai suggests that there might have been rather more mixed feelings about it. We have heard God promising to supply all that the people need for this task. But a main focus has been on the people’s work, and the challenges they faced. Today’s reading, from Psalm 145, offers a different perspective. Its focus is not on what human beings do, but on all that God does.  

What kind of initial picture do you get of God when you hear these verses for the first time today?  

This psalm shows what has been called God’s “preferential love for the poor”. Certainly the people singled out for God’s attention here are all in some way needy. What do you make of this?  

Do you see yourself in any of the categories of people who are assured of God’s concern by the psalmist here?  

As you listen again, notice whether God might in fact be working through you to meet some of the needs of these various kinds of people.  

You might want, as the prayer comes to an end, to offer yourself to God so that God can use you to reach out to these people whom God loves.