St Vincent de Paul

Today is Friday the 27 September, the feast of St Vincent de Paul, in the 25th Week of Ordinary Time.                 

One Hope Project sing, ‘Where the Lord Dwells’.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Haggai.  

One of the reasons that the people of Israel are slow to rebuild the Temple is lack of resources. Through news media, we have become familiar with the difficulty of rebuilding a country’s infrastructure after war or natural disaster. To enter more deeply into this passage, think of an example that you’ve seen of attempts at this kind of rebuilding effort. 

God promises to provide all that will be needed to carry out the task that God invites the people to. When has God given you all that you need and more to achieve some good piece of work or service?  

“My spirit abides among you; do not fear”, says the Lord. What is your response to hearing these words? 

Three times in this passage the people are invited to take courage. Listen out for these invitations as the reading is repeated.  

Take a moment to respond as you see fit to the encouragement to be found in today’s prayer.