Thursday 26 September

Today is Thursday the 26 September, in the 25th week of Ordinary Time.   

Salt of the Sound sing, 'Your Ways'.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Haggai.  

Earlier this week we have heard Ezra’s description of the rebuilding of the Temple after Israel’s exile in Babylon. Today we have a different account of the same events. Haggai suggests that the people might have been more concerned about building their own houses than erecting a fine new Temple. What do you make of the difference between these two accounts?  

Because of their selfishness, it is suggested here, the people haven’t fared well. Can you think of times when your own lack of generosity has made things difficult for you?  

As always, though, God offers the people another chance. God is committed to them, and will never abandon them. Remember a time when God has worked with you like this, showing his love for you by offering you a second chance.  

Notice, as you hear the reading again, the tone of God’s words that the prophet Haggai hears.  

Speak to God now of some area of your own life where you’d welcome the chance to make a new start.