Tuesday 10 September

Today is Tuesday the 10 September, in the 23rd week of Ordinary Time.

Oculi mei ad Dominum Deum:  My eyes are on the Lord God.  Wherever I am right now, whatever I can see around me, perhaps as I travel to work, or begin my prayer in the quiet of my home,  I remember for a moment that God is present in all of this; that all of this has been made by God, and is loved by God, that God holds me, and all of this, in the palm of his hand.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.  

Only yesterday we heard about the sinister opposition to Jesus from amongst the religious authorities.  Next we see his response: to spend a night in prayer.  What might be going on in him following the serious conflict with scribes and pharisees?  

After his prayer he organises his followers.  Setting aside 12 to be apostles is significant given the importance of the 12 tribes of Israel. What do you suppose Jesus is up to?  

Then he teaches and heals people who have come from miles around.  This power that comes out of him . . . what is your sense of this?  

Listen again and notice the energy that there is in this ‘Jesus movement’.  

At the end of that busy day, what do you want to ask him or say to him?