Friday 6 September

Today is the Friday 6 September, in the twenty second week of Ordinary Time.                  

The Choir of Holy Sepulchre London sing, ‘God be in my head’.  

Today’s reading is from the letter to the Colossians.  

Jesus is “the image of the invisible God”. If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. What does looking at Jesus in this way enable you to say about this God of ours?  

You are, Paul suggests here, connected as closely to Christ as your head is to any other part of your body. What effect does this close connection have on how you live your life?  

Paul uses the image of reconciliation. Jesus will bring peace to whatever is at war within you, or between you and others. Where do you most need this peace just now?  

This passage makes huge claims about who Jesus is, and the importance of his place in creation. Notice these claims as you hear it read again.  

It is this same Jesus who calls you to close friendship. Tell him a little of what that call means to you.