Thursday 5 September

Today is Thursday the 5 September, in the twenty second week of Ordinary Time.  

Salt of the Sound sings, ‘Follow’.  

Today's reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Two fishermen are going about their everyday working lives, when Jesus turns up and asks for their help. How would you expect them to respond? How might you respond, in similar circumstances?  

How do you see what happens next? Put yourself in Simon Peter’s shoes. Do you listen while Jesus talks to the crowds? Or carry on washing your nets? Or maybe try and do both at once?  

Jesus rewards their generosity with a huge catch of fish. How better to reward fishermen? The God whom Jesus calls Father is never out-done in generosity. Can you point to a time when that has been true in your own life?  

The effect on Simon Peter of everything that happens here is to make him very aware of his own unworthiness. As you listen again, try to see why he might react in this way.  

God calls you, as he called Simon Peter. Speak to God about how you react to being called in this way.