Wednesday 4 September

Today is Wednesday the 4th of September, in the twenty second week of Ordinary Time.  

Luke Parker sings, ‘My Soul Lays Bare’.  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.  

This passage describes a fairly typical afternoon, evening, night and early morning in the life of Jesus. Imagine being with him that day. What do you notice especially about what he does, or how the people around him react?

In the middle of all this activity, Jesus feels to need to go into a “deserted place”. Can you recognise that same need at times in your own life? If so, how do you go about meeting it?  

Jesus is very much aware of being sent by God on a mission. His mission is to “proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God”. How might you describe your own sense of having been set into the world by God for a particular purpose?  

Hearing the passage again, notice each of the different people whose lives Jesus touches on this particular day.  

As the prayer comes to an end, think of one person whose life you might touch today, and talk with God about them.