Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September

This weekend is Saturday the 31 August and Sunday the 1 September, beginning the Twenty Second Week of Ordinary Time.

The Kyiv Chamber Choir sing In Thy Kingdom from One Thousand Years of Ukrainian Sacred Music.

The readings this week, have invited us to reflect on what it means to be faithful to God, and how God promises to be faithful to us.  This faithfulness to God, and God’s faithfulness to us in return is based on love and knowledge of each other.  The Psalmist reflects on the fact that we have been searched out, and known from our very beginning.  The reality of this relationship is the basis of this reflection on the reality of the faith which God is inviting us to. This weekend’s reading is from the Letter to the Hebrews.

For a moment or two, imagine what it would be like if faith involved loyalty to a terrifying disembodied voice, emerging from fearful displays of fire, darkness and raging storms…...

Now turn from that to the reality of God brought close to us by Jesus   - alive, welcoming, forgiving…..

How do you feel about the reality of the faith which God invites us to? Does it make you want to do anything differently in your life?

As you listen again, notice the contrast between a faith which comes from being intimidated by fear, and a faith which invites you to worship God in freedom. 

You may have a strong steadfast faith, or still be searching.  Whichever it is, take a moment to place yourself in the presence of Jesus, with the desire for faith in your heart.  Ask him to draw you into a way of living which brings you true freedom.