Wednesday 28 August

Today is Wednesday the 28 August, in the Twenty First Week of Ordinary Time.

The Sons of Korah sing a setting of Psalm 139.

Today’s reading is from Psalm 138 of the Grail version, and can be found as Psalm 139, in other versions of the Bible.

This long psalm is filled with some powerful words and vivid images, affirming God’s love for each of us, each individual and unique person, and the world surrounding us.  “O Lord, you have searched me and known me’… how does it feel to hear that God knows you through and through?  Reassuring?  A bit scary?  Too mysterious to grasp fully? 

God is with us whether we are soaring with joy, or pinned down in despair… Have you had times of despair when you still felt the strong hand of God holding you?  How did you sense that?

As you listen again, be conscious of that astonishing idea, that through God’s creativity, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ …  do you feel that to be true for you?

Take a few moments to be still in God’s presence at the end of this prayer, and to share with God what is in your heart.