Tuesday 27 August

Today is Tuesday, the 27 August, in the Twenty First Week of Ordinary Time.

O Lord, my heart is not proud.  As I enter into prayer now, can I put aside for a moment my pride, any sense of self-importance I may have, and place myself humbly into the hands of my God, who knows all my faults and failings and loves me still?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

Following the inspiring words we prayed with yesterday, today’s reading comes as quite a contrast.  Jesus challenges the Pharisees about the way they live their faith in God, about what takes up their attention.  How do you feel when you hear his strong words of accusation?

Jesus focuses on the Pharisees’ attention to small details rather than on ‘weightier matters’.  What difference do you notice between these matters and the things the Pharisees are focussing on?

Reflecting on your own life, your own faith, are there ‘weightier matters’ you neglect giving attention to?

As you listen again, keep an open mind and heart about what Jesus might be saying to you through these words.  What moves you to deeper reflection?

In these closing moments, open your heart to Jesus and share with him what this reading has evoked for you, and hear how he responds.