Friday 2 August

Today is Friday 2 August, in the Seventeenth Week or Ordinary Time.

Salt of the Sound sings, 'Your Ways'.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

“Who does he think he is?” The way that people respond to their neighbours who make good hasn’t changed in 2000 years! Maybe you’ve said it yourself. Can you think of anyone you’ve held back, by reacting to them like this?

Maybe you yourself have been held back by family members, friends or colleagues who think that they know all about you, of what you’re capable of. And not capable of. What does it feel like to be boxed in like this?

Now, think instead of those people who do believe in you, and trust you, and know that you’re able to do even more than you’ve shown so far. What’s it like to encounter this kind of response in another person?

Notice, as you hear the passage again, the response that Jesus makes to these doubters. “Prophets are not without honour ...” he says. What kind of tone do you think he says these words in?

More than anyone else, God believes in you and trusts in you. Talk to God for a moment or two about what this belief and trust might enable you to do today.