St Ignatius of Loyola | Wednesday 31 July

Today is Wednesday the 31 July, the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  

The Kiev Chamber Choir sings Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!  

Saint Ignatius, whose feast day we celebrate today struggled for some time with the idea of handing his life over to God.   There was resistance, first in himself, and later from his family and friends.  He felt a strong call to serve God, but how exactly he should do that only emerged through many mistakes and mishaps and blind alleys.  We get some idea of the roller-coaster of emotions he went through in this reading from the Prophet Jeremiah...

Jeremiah is known for not mincing his words, and there are a lot of strong emotions in this reading.  But as you heard them described, did you identify with any of them yourself?  Did you recognise any of those feelings?  

Have you ever had that sense Jeremiah describes here of being enticed, or seduced, or overpowered by God?  How did that feel?  

Do you remember ever feeling a laughing stock, or being derided and denounced, because of your faith in God?  What was that like?  

And have you ever felt like there was a fire burning within you that you could not hold in?  If you have, what was that fire?  

As you listen again, notice the range of emotions that Jeremiah takes us through in this passage, and see where you feel yourself responding most strongly.  

Having listened to Jeremiah and his strong feelings, what are your feelings right now?  What do you want to say to God?  In these last moments of this prayer time, bring those feelings before the Lord, speaking as one friend speaks to another.