Tuesday 30 July

Today is Tuesday, the 30 July, in the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing: ‘Inhliziyo Zethu’: ‘You will make my heart pure’.   A pure heart is a heart that is open to God, that doesn’t seek its own advantage, but wants whatever God wants.  As I enter into prayer today, I ask for that openness of heart.  I ask the Lord to lead my heart to him, to guide me in the way he wants me to go.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus has just told a story about an enemy who sows weeds in a good field a farmer had planted. Here he offers his friends one explanation of the story. Picture, in your mind’s eye, a field like this ready for harvest. See the ripe grain, waiting to be gathered up. But see too, the weeds, scattered all through the crop.

Jesus tells us that the field represents the world. Think of the world as you know it, as you experience it every day. Think of how  much good is there. But also so much bad. Do you see the world in this way, with the good and the bad are all mixed up, seeming inseparable?

The field is the world, but it’s also your own heart and soul. Take a look at yourself, and notice all the good that you find there. Notice too, though, the bad things that you’re responsible for.

As you listen once more to Jesus’s explanation of his story, notice your own reaction to the work of the angels as they finally separate out the good from the bad.

We live in the time before the end, when bad and good remain mixed together. Talk to God for a moment about what that feels like, when you know that it’s true of the world and of yourself.