Friday 26 July | Ss Joachim and Anne

Today is Friday, the 26th July, the memorial of Ss Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The Sons of Korah sing a setting of Psalm 1.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew So many of the stories Jesus told were what we call Parables -- stories taken from everyday life, mentioning familiar objects, settings, circumstance; stories that were designed to tease the mind into active thought. Probably they are quite familiar now to us too,  Has your own over familiarity with these stories deadened their affect on you?  

Jesus talks in this parable about different levels of belief, ranging from those who are like the rocky ground, on which the seed grows briefly then withers, all the way to those who are like the rich, fertile soil where the seed, which stands for the Word of God, is planted and yields a wonderfully abundant crop. Which type of ground do you most feel like?

Listen to the reading again and ponder the words of this all too familiar parable.  Listen, let the words have their affect on you.

Most of us are probably a mix of all those different types of ground – sometimes fertile, receptive but at others times rocky and hard-heated. Which bits of you are rich soil and which are rocky ground? Ask the Lord for forgiveness for the times you have been too rocky – not receptive enough to His word, and give thanks for the time when you have been fertile soil, receptive to the Lord’ Word.