Wednesday 24 July

Today is Wednesday the 24 July, in the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing: This is the time, most Holy Spirit, when you, One with the Father and the Son, come to shed your light in the hearts of your faithful. Pause for a moment, and become aware of the Holy Spirit, present here, come to give life and light. Pause for a moment, and welcome that light into your life.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Exodus.

Those people of God in ancient times, before the coming of Christ, were constantly being taken by surprise by the God who had chosen them and called them His own.  How does this vision of God make you feel?

It didn't stop them complaining. Maybe you’ve got something you’d like to complain about to the Lord. Do you believe that God will listen? How do you think God might respond?

Perhaps it’s worrying you that God might not want to hear your complaints … maybe you fear that God might be displeased … as you listen to the reading again, notice how not only God hears the people’s complaints, but does something about it. There is a solemn divine promise made … and fulfilled … they shall eat and have their fill of bread… .

As you move more deeply into your time of prayer, ask yourself:  are there areas of my living where I need to develop a greater trust in the Lord? Do I still feel that the Lord will not listen to my complaints … or will be displeased by them? Do I accept that the Lord wants to listen .. wants to respond … wants to respond generously?