Wednesday 10 July

Today is Wednesday, the 10 July in the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

Imogen Faux sings You Are My Hiding Place a setting of Psalm 32, from The Psalms Project.  You are my hiding place, from trouble you will protect me... As you enter into prayer today can you take some comfort from this setting of today’s Psalm? That God will protect you and guide you, in Him you can trust and are safe.

Today’s reading is from Psalm 33.

Today we have a joyous psalm full of thanks for the good things we are given by our creator. There is something joyful about the psalm, it’s no dirge.  Rather it’s bright singing with skillful music and loud shouts! Can you remember a time when you have felt this?  Let that memory be with you now.

There is a contrast between the unhappy people who trust in the 'counsels of nations' and the happy people who trust in the counsel of the Lord. Think for a moment about what that phrase might mean in our world today.

As you listen again to the psalm. Hear particularly the way the councils of God are described: truth, love, generosity, openness of heart, and trust in God. 

In the last moments of this reflection, think about how you might bring truth, love, generosity, openness of heart, and trust in God to the world you live in today.