Tuesday 9 July

Today is Tuesday the 9 July, in the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of Pluscarden Abbey sing Domine praevenisti eum.  ‘Lord, you advanced to meet him with rich blessings. You have placed a crown of precious stones on his head.  As I listen, can I ponder for a moment the blessings the Lord bestows on me, all the things for which I want to give thanks to God?  

Today’s reading is from the Book of Genesis.

Wrestling with God through the night is an intimate and fearful experience. It suggests that an encounter with God is not always an easy or passive experience.  Can you remember experiencing something like this? 

It may be good and right for me to stand up for myself and argue my case before God.  This wrestling, struggling, helps me come to the truth.  Only after the fight does Jacob realise he has seen the face of God. Many of us have an experience of wrestling with God;  maybe we wrestle with an element of ourselves we find difficult to accept, or perhaps we wrestle with a call from God,  or wrestle with our faith.  Do I look back on a time I wrestled with God?  …. Am I wrestling now?....

As you listen again to the reading imagine you are Jacob.  What is your own personal struggle with God about?

Ask yourself whether there is something in your life that you should reflect upon and wrestle with?