St Thomas | Wednesday 3 July

Today is Wednesday 3 July, the Feast of St Thomas the Apostle, in the Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of Pluscarden Abbey sing Passer invenit sibi domum. “The sparrow has found a home for itself, and the dove a nest where she may lay her chicks: -  your altars, O Lord of Hosts, my King and my God! Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they will praise you for ever.”

Today’s reading is from the Letter to the Ephesians.

Who are your favourite saints? Not just the canonised ones, but the ones you have known or heard about and admire. What do you want to say to them? What do they want to say to you?

Which member of the household of God do you want to spend more time with?

As you listen to the reading again, be aware of this Temple of which you are one of the stones. God dwells in it.

What do you want to say to God who is so close to you, who is within you?