Thursday 27 June

Today is Thursday 27 June, the memorial of St Cyril of Jerusalem, in the Twelfth Week of Ordinary Time.

Luke Parker sings, ‘In Quietness’.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Genesis.

Hagar seems to have very little going for her – she is a slave, she is a foreigner, her status is unmarried. Her lot in Abram’s household is a difficult one. Who of us would readily think ourselves in any way like Hagar!   For a moment, just reflect on what Hagar must have been feeling.

Have there been times in your life when you have, like Hagar, sabotaged your place in the world? Shown contempt for the very people who have it in their power to make your life miserable? Make your life so miserable that you have wanted to just pack it all in and run away?

But the story doesn’t end here. Follow now what happens to Hagar when she runs away into the wilderness. Imagine the state of this young, pregnant, and homeless girl, miserable and collapsing at the end of her tether.


Speak to God now as one friend speaks to another, about what you've seen or heard in this prayer.