Wednesday 12 June

Today is Wednesday the 12 June, in the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time  

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing Ngaza Ngambona: ‘They are blessed who keep his commandments; they will have their eternal place. Come in, all of you, so that you may be happy and be able to say, I’ve seen him on the cross, the one who loves me. Teach me, Father, to love you, praise you and pray to you.’  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

Certain laws seem to be inscribed in the human heart, laws of justice and fairness, when we encounter these there is a sense of rightness about it.  What are the laws inscribed in your heart?  What are the fundamental principles that you think are true and will always be true?  

Can you think of some situation in the last day or so that demanded some kind of response from you, where you had to make a decision about how to respond?  How did you respond at the time?  And can you ask yourself now, ‘what is the law – perhaps an unwritten law in my heart – that caused me to respond in this way?’  

As you listen to the gospel again, be aware that when Jesus talks of the law, this is not some alien, arbitrary code he is talking about, but the law that comes from the heart of God.  

Is there an area of your life where you’re not sure what the right thing to do is? – what the ‘law of God’s love’ is asking of you?  You might like to talk to God about this now.