Hope and the Nearness of God (Lent 2022)

Lent Retreat 2022

Hope and the Nearness of God (Lent 2022)

Welcome to this year's Lent retreat space.

This is a space for you to journey each week of Lent with the theme of 'hope' as we walk closer and closer both with and towards Christ this season.

Our retreat this year is written by Teresa White FCJ and it is based on her new book, 'Hope and the Nearness of God' (Bloomsbury, 2021 https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/hope-and-the-nearness-of-god-9781472984197/ ).

After two very challenging years, we are in such need of the hope of Christ in all areas of our lives. It is our desire that you will deeply know this hope in your life, as you journey on this retreat.

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