This weekend is Saturday the 22 & Sunday 23 December, the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

Salt of the Sound sing, ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him’. We are very close to Christmas Day now… as you settle into prayer, become aware of the feelings in your heart and bring these to the Lord now.

In today’s passage, we can hear the Nativity subtly revealed through the words of the prophet Micah. This would certainly have been a promise worth holding onto.

Hearing the mention of Bethlehem might bring on the excitement of Christmas as it approaches this week. But how does it make you feel to know that these words were spoken long before the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem? To know that God’s plan was ordained in advance?

Christmas is such a busy time for everybody. But God’s time is different from ours. God describes the ruler that is to come forth as one ‘whose origin is from of old, from ancient of days’. How does this idea of time feel to you amid such a busy season?

As you listen again, can you hear the words of strength and security surrounding the One who will rule?

‘They shall live secure, for now he shall be great to the ends of the earth’. These words hold incredible security in them. Are you able to rest secure in God’s promise here? Spend these last few moments reflecting on what these words mean to you and talk to God about what they stir in your heart.

O Wisdom,

Lord and Ruler,

Root of Jesse,

Key of David,

Rising Sun,

King of the Nations,


Come, Lord Jesus.