Today is Wednesday the 12 December, in the Second Week of Advent.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing Yalla dina la feccal:  Words from the prophet Zephanaiah.  ‘God will dance for you with songs of joy… God rejoices in you; he will renew you in his love.  He will dance for you with songs of joy’. As you listen, become aware of the presence in your life - the presence here and now - of that God who rejoices and delights in you, and is gazing on you now in love.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Isaiah.

‘They run and do not grow weary’.  There may be tiredness, or a bit of weariness, in me now, even now as I’m praying.   If there is, how do I respond to this promise of renewed vigour and energy and life?

How much faith, how much trust do I place in this promise? Do I believe it? Do I want to believe it?

As I listen again, can I feel the energy in these words, the strengthening, renewing power of the words themselves?

In all honesty, and in my own words, what do I want to say now to the God who makes me this promise of renewed life?