Today is Wednesday the 5 December in the first week of Advent.

Karen Money sings 'Fallen into You'.  ‘Lead me through pastures green, by water deep and still.’  As I listen, I remind myself that I am in the presence of God right now, my loving God who cares for me, who takes me by the hand and guides me.

Today’s reading is from Psalm 22 of the Grail version and can be found as Psalm 23 elsewhere.

This is perhaps the most familiar of all the psalms. It’s often sung at funerals for the comfort that it can offer. That can make it hard, though, to hear it with fresh ears. Is there a line or image that most stood out to you from hearing it today?

God is the main one who is active in this psalm. I only have to allow myself to be led, and fed, and anointed. How do you feel about being cast in such a relatively passive role?

“Surely goodness and kindness shall follow me, all the days of my life” How far would you say that that has been true in your own life so far?

Notice, as the passage is read again, all the different things that God is offering to do for you, and do with you, in this psalm.

What might a sheep want to say to a shepherd? Perhaps you could use that thought to start your conversation with your own Good Shepherd, Jesus.