Today is Monday 3 December, the feast of St Francis Xavier SJ, in the first week of Advent.

Salt of the Sound sing ‘Shine so Bright’. You might like to make this your own prayer today; that you would shine brightly for the Lord…

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

“Go into the whole world”, says Jesus, at the start of the passage that you’ve just heard. What’s your immediate response as you hear those words said to you? Surprise? Excitement? Fear? Or what? Simply stay with your first reaction for a moment or two and notice if it changes or deepens.

The Church remembers Francis Xavier today. He was one of the great missionaries, travelling from Europe to India, Japan, and hoping to reach China. Try to imagine what it must be like to have faith that can carry you so far.

Mark’s gospel then lists the signs by which the people of his time could recognise Christ’s disciples. What might you look for if you were trying to spot the friends of Jesus in a crowd today?

As you hear the passage again, listen out for any invitation that Jesus might be offering you in these words.

Jesus still wants to spread his message to as many people as possible. Take a moment to ask for whatever you need from him to help you to do this today.