This weekend is Saturday the 1 and Sunday the 2 December, the First Sunday of Advent.

“The days are surely coming …” This is how today’s Bible passage starts. We’re beginning a season of waiting, of anticipation. Four weeks of waiting to celebrate the birth of Christ. Four weeks of hope and anticipation. And four weeks to prepare ourselves, to get ready. This is what Advent is about. Listening to all that God promises us. Waiting for those promises to be realised. We begin this season of waiting with a reading from the prophet Jeremiah.

There is something a little mysterious about the promise we hear today. It’s clear that something good is coming, something to do with justice and righteousness. But it’s not clear what, or who, is going to bring this about, or how it’s going to happen. What is your own first response to these words?

We live in a world where justice and righteousness are not always visible. As you hear God make these promises, where especially would you hope to see them fulfilled. Is there an area of your own life, or in the lives of people you know, or in the world in general, that you would like to see more justice?

God in Christ given many names in the Bible: the good shepherd, the vine of which we are the branches, the living water. Here we are told “The Lord is our righteousness”. How does that sound to you, as a name for God?

As you listen again, notice any hopes and dreams that this passage stirs up in your own heart.

As you talk to God now, could you offer your own efforts to help make the world a little more just?

O Wisdom,

Lord and Ruler,

Root of Jesse,

Key of David,

Rising Sun,

King of the Nations,


Come, Lord Jesus.