Today is Friday the 30 November, the Feast of Saint Andrew.

Bukas Palad, a Jesuit group from the Philippines, sing First Companions. Deo militare. Deo militare. Christi lucem illaturi. Serve as God’s Soldier. Spread Christ’s light.

Today’s reading is from Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Paul reminds us of the need Christ has of missionaries: people who make him known in the world through the pattern of a Christ-filled life. So it is a good day to look back to those whose example has touched us and worked some kind of conversion in our hearts.. For a moment, look back to your childhood, your adolescence: cast your mind back to those early years of your life …

Who taught me to know Jesus? to love? to forgive?

Who taught me to accept myself? not to be scared? to come out of myself?

Who taught me to accept Christ’s loving gaze on my life?

As I listen again to Paul’s words, I picture the people I have been thinking of, seeing them as part of the apostolic people of God through whom Christ reaches out to the whole world.

With such a cloud of witnesses behind me, I can turn to the Father to speak to Him about my life, and perhaps to ask that I too might be an apostle who brings his healing word to the far reaches of the human experience.