Today is Tuesday the 6 November, in the Thirty-first week of ordinary time.

Salt of the Sound sing, ‘Your Ways’.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Take a moment or two to put yourself in the scene that Jesus is describing.  Imagine the preparation of the great dinner, the hustle and bustle, the personal invitations.…

How do you think the host feels when his generosity is rejected?

And when the poor and the downtrodden people are welcomed in, how are they feeling?

The story begins with one of Jesus’s own guests looking forward to God’s heavenly hospitality. As you listen again, hear how Jesus is trying to convey something of God’s generosity to us....

God invites us all as his guests.  Some of us prefer to put him off till a more convenient time; some come gladly to enjoy what God has prepared for us.  Which kind of guest am I?  What kind of guest do I want to be?