Today is Thursday the 1 November, the Feast of All Saints.

The choir of Westminster Cathedral, directed by James O’Donnell, sing O quam gloriosum by Victoria: ‘How glorious is the kingdom, where all the saints rejoice with Christ.’

Today’s reading is from the First Letter of St John.

St John, whose words these are, is inspired by the love of God.  What does this reading inspire in you as you hear it?  What words or phrases or ideas stay with you?

Dwell on a particular phrase or idea, turning it over and pondering why it appeals to you.

Hear again the words of St. John.  Notice again which words or which phrase holds your interest, and remember it.

Now recall the words of phrase that meant most to you.  Repeat the words over and over.  What happens to your feelings and thoughts as you do this? Talk to Jesus what is in your heart on hearing these words.  What do you want to ask him for?  What do you hope for when He is revealed?