Today is Friday, the 4th of April, in the Fourth Week of Lent.

The Sons of Korah perform a setting of Psalm 128, “Blessed is the one, the one who fears the Lord.”

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Many of the readings we’ve reflected on recently have shown us the problems Jesus encountered in his life and ministry and in particular the negative reaction he experienced from those in positions of power. In the Gospel today we encounter a different problem; the fact that Jesus was surrounded by people apparently unable (or perhaps more accurately unwilling) to acknowledge fully who – and what – he was. This is a problem for so many in today’s world. Is it a problem for you?

Who is Jesus to you? Think of the passage in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus asks the disciples ‘but who do you say that I am?’ How would you answer that question today?

Often people find themselves unable to take the final step of faith in which, like Peter, we can say to Jesus ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of God.’ Is there anyone known to you struggling with their faith at the moment? Pray that whatever uncertainties there are may be laid to rest.

As you listen again, place yourself in the position of the crowd, try and understand the confusion they felt. Is that similar to the confusion you sometimes feel? Or that someone you know feels?

Holy Week is getting closer and throughout Lent, Jesus continues to ask us who we think he is - as he washes the disciples feet; as he hangs upon the cross and as he bursts forth from the tomb. Spend the last few moments of prayer answering honestly who you think Jesus is. You might want to dedicate yourself to continuing to answer this question later in your day, or over the next week.