Today is Thursday the 13th of March, in the First Week of Lent.

Look at the faces of the people around you.  What burdens are they carrying?  What pains, what troubles in their lives?  And what is burdening you right now?  Can you place all this in the hands of the Lord, and relax into his loving presence?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus urges us to pray with trust and perseverance.  He promises that God will give us good things if we ask for them.  Have you experienced this to be true?  What has been your experience of praying to God for what you want?

What good things has God given you that you want to give thanks for?  Can you do that now?

How do you feel about asking God for your needs?   If this has been an obstacle or a problem for you, what would you want to say to God about this? 

Listen once more to the passage.  Listen to it, not as a quotation from scripture, but as Jesus speaking to you.

What do you want to ask God for today?