Today is Wednesday the 12th of March, in the First Week of Lent.  

The University of Johannesburg Choir sing a setting of Psalm 16 Protect me, O God for in you I take refuge.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

How human was Jesus?  Can I believe he might have sometimes been exasperated by the reaction to him?  Are his words in today’s Gospel one side of his compassion? Does he so long for the people to get it, that he is bewildered perhaps, or frustrated when they don’t?

His words today might seem hard and harsh, but how do I imagine Jesus saying them?  What is in his heart?

As I listen again, can I imagine something of his deep desire for that generation? 

What is his desire for my generation?  What is my own desire for my generation?  Talk with Jesus about this.  Share your longing with each other.