Today is Monday the 10th of March, the Feast of St John Ogilvie SJ   

Emma Holland and Tommy Blaize sing Steven Faux’s setting of Psalm 57.  As I enter into prayer today,  I hear these words, and place all of my trust in my loving God.

Today’s reading is from the Letter of St Paul to the Romans.

These inspiring words describe the gifts which come to us when we follow Jesus Christ, and place him at the centre of our lives. Through the companionship of Christ, God gives us peace, grace, and the hope of sharing in God's glory.  Are you aware of receiving these gifts in your life? Where are they evident?  In your words, actions, relationships, longings?

We hear the astonishing claim that we can 'boast' in our sufferings, as if we can 'speak with pride' about one of the most unpredictable and distressing aspects of human life.  How does this strike you? Has this been your experience?

As you listen again, ponder this paradox, and wonder how it is possible to endure suffering in this way.  You might want to reflect how saints such as John Ogilvie, whom we commemorate today, show us how to live with grace whilst enduring the pain of suffering.

God's love for us is not measured out in teaspoonfuls, but poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.  Stay with this image, and feel God's love flooding into you.... Tell God how this feels, and sense God's loving response to you....